If you have an idea, product or service that you'd like to promote online and want to build a list of people that you can follow up with over time ...

then you need Marketing Rocket!

Let's Start Promoting Something!

You don't have to bang your head against the wall trying to get to the top of the Google Search page.  You'll waste a bunch of money and will have nothing to show for it.

What you want is people to beat a path to your door to get the information, product or service that you have, that they want.  As you attract them with information about your idea, product or service you'll end up with real customers paying real money for real value.

It's called attraction marketing and this landing page is an example of that.  If you're interested then you'll enter your information and we'll begin the conversation, if not you click on and neither one of us wastes time discussing things we don't need or want.

If you're the slightest bit interested in promoting your idea, product or service online, I've got some great tools I can recommend and set up for you!  (see below)

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What can you do with Marketing Rocket?

Landing Page Creator

Our Custom Drag & Drop Landing Page Creator will have you creating professional Website Landing Pages in Seconds!

Capture & Warm Leads

Monitor your Leads as they progress through the sales process, using customer tags and warmth monitoring!

Email Auto-Responders

Create Email Nurturing Campaigns that will engage customers. Entice your customers using targeted email communications.

Support & Documentation

Marketing Rocket is designed to be easy to use, we have extensive helpful tooltips throughout the system, and easily accessible online documentation.


Campaign Wizard

Create 5 Step Funnel Campaigns & Opt in Funnels in just minutes by simply selecting the campaign, and walking through the steps!

Reporting & Statistics

We monitor the vital statistics of each page, and campaign, so you can see in real time how your campaign is performing, or get regular emailed reports.

Split Testing

Our Landing Pages can be setup for split testing so you can try out two different versions of a page and see which performs best.

Campaign Visualiser

Visualise your Sales Process with an interactive diagram that represents your campaigns, and quickly edit pages and auto responders.